Latin Grammys 2018

New Politics, "Yeah Yeah Yeah"

Track Review

Punk-pop trio New Politics wages war against the current political milieu on its first single, "Yeah Yeah Yeah," from its self-titled debut album out July 13. Drawing from the Hives and early records by Chronic Future, the Brooklyn band employs a catchy chorus, angst-ridden shouts and aggressive power chords as its principal strategies. Lead singer David Boyd borderline-raps a call to arms over background snare lines, shouting, "These banking corporates fake and whine/They make you live the life they define/Do you even know what's going on?" While President Barack Obama says, "Yes, we can," New Politics offers a classic punk response to that optimism with a crusade of booming guitar and agitated vocals: "What you want from me? You're just fucking killin' me!" --Melanie Fried