Justin Bieber, "Somebody to Love"

Track Review

After cracking the charts with ballads meant to set young hearts aflutter, Justin Bieber is ready to broaden his base. "Somebody to Love" cranks up the tempo to full throttle, as pleading verses spill into a euphoric sugar rush of a chorus. The singer's vocals mature considerably here, too. Bieber delivers a nuanced, convincing sense of urgency when he sings of his hunt for romance: "You can have it all/ Anything you want, I can bring/Give you the finer things, yeah!" Later, he pleads, "Is she out there?"-a line that no doubt produces screams by the thousands when performed on tour. Usher joins Bieber on the track's remix, as if to illustrate the student's potential to catch up to his teacher. Bieber doesn't need the help, though. "Somebody to Love" offers the clearest evidence yet that he's more than capable of clearing the hurdle from teen to adult stardom.