Drake, "Thank Me Later"

Toronto MC Drake has said that he wants fans to feel the different layers of his debut, "Thank Me Later." From the sounds of it, he's held little back, sharing with listeners his deepest thoughts on family, women, and fame. Over a thumping bassline on the opening track, "Fireworks" (featuring Alicia Keys), Drake reflects on his relationship with label chief/rapper Lil Wayne, Rihanna and his divorced parents. Accompanied by a slinky piano on the song "The Resistance," Drizzy addresses the idea that fame's changed him, while he swaps verses with rapper Nicky Minaj on "Up All Night." On the cut, both artists pay homage to their Young Money team ("Man, I love my team, I would die for them niggas," Drake claims). Another standout track is "Miss Me" (featuring Lil Wayne), where Drake professes his love for Minaj, spitting "I hope one day we get married just to say we fucking did it." -- Mariel Concepcion

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