Hot Hot Heat, "Future Breeds"

Album Review

After a two-album stint on a major label, Canadian rock act Hot Hot Heat returns to its indie roots for its latest release, "Future Breeds." The move seems to have reignited the group, whose new Dangerbird set pulses with frantic energy. A prime example of this is the prog-rock feel of "JFK's LSD," a societal critique that balances popping drums, heavy bass and schizophrenic synth. But the standouts are "21@12"-with its swooping vocals and melodious guitars-and the quirky love song "Goddess on the Prairie." On the latter, frontman Steve Bays professes his infatuation with unusual lyrics ("You fit me like a ski glove") while also chanting fast-paced rhymes of adoration. The two cuts are still fairly poppy, but offer more unique qualities than the safer tunes on 2007's "Happiness Ltd." Full of complex and diverse arrangements, Hot Hot Heat's riskier approach on "Future Breeds" seems appropriate for its return to an indie label.