Papa Roach, "Kick in the Teeth"

Track Review

Papa Roach's 2000 breakout hit "Last Resort" cemented the California band as a consistent player in rock. But new single "Kick in the Teeth" may be its most rousing anthem yet. Warped synthesizers and aggressive drums open the song, as frontman Jacoby Shaddix's alluring, scratchy vocals build up to a lively scream. "I gotta say thanks 'cause you kick me when I'm down/I'm bleeding out the mouth," Shaddix shouts. "I hope you know I'm stronger now/I'm taking the hate/I'm turning it all around." The lyrics are as antagonistic as the All-American Rejects' "Gives You Hell," only set to heavier instrumentation. Produced by David Bendeth and co-written by the band and Bobby Huff, "Kick in the Teeth" further triggers rage with infectious, stadium-ready "nah nah nahs" and a chorus that should score on the charts.