Ozzy Osbourne, "Scream"

After surveying his life to this point in a best-selling autobiography ("I Am Ozzy"), Ozzy Osbourne incorporates some fresh blood-to good advantage-into his first new album in three years. On "Scream," longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde is gone, replaced by Firewind's Gus G., while Tommy Clufetos (Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent) takes over on drums. The changes have certainly goosed Osbourne to create a heavy-hitting, 11-track set on which he sounds fully engaged and focused, from the opening declaration of "I'm a rock star" to the closing appreciation of his fans' dedication, "I Love You All." Most impressively, Osbourne's new band displays a tempo-shifting aptitude similar to vintage Black Sabbath-particularly on longer songs like "Let It Die," "Diggin' Me Down" and "I Want It More"-and is just as adept delivering gentler and more melodic pieces ("Life Won't Wait," "Time"). The single "Let Me Hear You Scream" gallops with neck-snapping ferocity, while sludgy grooves put some muscle behind "Soul Sucker" and "Fearless."

- Album Review