Kenny G, "Heart and Soul"

Album Review

During his nearly 30-year career, Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Kenny G has become one of the most celebrated artists in contemporary jazz. On his 13th studio album, "Heart and Soul," the artist returns to his R&B roots following 2008's "Rhythm and Romance," which featured takes on Latin jazz. The opening title track begins with a flighty melody line backed by a bouncy, two-step track. And with the aid of colorful percussion and chompy organ fills, the cut "Déjà Vu" brings an engaging R&B drive with much more punch than the saxophonist's usual fare. Delicate strings of trilled melody hover above the surface on "Fall Again," which also features the reverberant chime of nylon-string guitars and the syrupy crooning of R&B singer Robin Thicke. Babyface adds to the seduction, lending his vocals to the sentimental "No Place Like Home."