Ivy Queen, "Drama Queen"

Album Review

Ivy Queen is the reigning diva of reggaetón-in fact, she's the only female in the genre who's a household name. In a male-dominated field filled with booty talk and braggadocio, Ivy Queen alone has carried the banner for pissed-off, heartbroken and betrayed females. While her latest album, "Drama Queen," isn't much of a departure in subject matter for her, the set presents a more diverse range of musical styles, from bachata to R&B to even a poppy ballad ("Cuando") that's filled with a longing more honest than most of what's heard on commercial Latin radio. Highlights include "Cansada," where Ivy Queen's alto singing voice and nimble rapping are shown to best effect, and "Aya Aya," an otherwise conventional dembow beat flanked by the sounds of a sitar.