Sun Kil Moon, "Admiral Fell Promises"

Album Review

Sun Kil Moon principal member Mark Kozelek takes a stripped-down approach on the band's latest album, "Admiral Fell Promises," using only a nylon-string guitar to deliver the 10-song set. The slow drawl and masterfully rendered progression of the song "Sam Wong Hotel" is proof enough that Kozelek should go down as a modern folk legend. The artist slips in a few vocal tricks during the 60-minute set, sometimes dropping his voice to a mumble or whisper, as heard on the track "The Leaning Tree." Kozelek's voice disappears before the end of a line in the song ("Scattered relics of your loves/Lying around your dusty . . ."), leaving the remaining words open to interpretation. His Bob Dylan-esque voice combined with the hauntingly beautiful arrangement of the classical guitar throughout "Admiral Fell Promises" is hypnotic, trapping listeners in a melancholy spell of wonder.