Rick Ross, "Teflon Don"

Album Review

Despite living in a ganger's paradise - "I think I'm Big Meech/Larry Hoover," he raps on the track "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)," referencing incarcerated gang leaders - Rick Ross has always been a respected lyricist. Now, his fourth studio album, "Teflon Don," further establishes the Miami rapper as one of the genre's most creative forces. Over a Lex Luger-produced beat on the cut "MC Hammer," Ross reawakens the memory of the once-successful artist while also boasting about the good life. And "Aston Martin Music" (featuring Drake, one of the many well-chose gusts on the set) is a sensuous number reminiscent of the R&B flavor of his 2009 set, "Deeper Than Rap." Then there's the striking "Tears of Joy" - "Looking in the mirror but I don't see much/Still running the streets so I don't sleep much," Ross raps unhurriedly, encouraging listeners to mull over his every word. "Teflon Don" is one of this summer's blockbusters.