The Maine, "Black & White"

Album Review

Arizona rock act the Maine's second album, "Black & White," finds the five-piece indulging in guitar pop-driven love anthems, mixed with a splash of '80s hair band flare. Teenage girls will likely swoon during the track "Listen to Your Heart," where lead singer John O'Callaghan croons, "This promise doesn't have to be loud/Just whisper, I could find you in a crowd/I think it's time we run away." Elsewhere, finger-splitting guitar solos ("Fuel to the Fire") and group vocals ("Give It to Me," "Right Girl") could indicate that the Maine's members grew up listening to quite a bit of Def Leppard and Poison. The band's knack for melodic pop-rock especially shines on the downtempo closing track "Color," where O'Callaghan softens his voice and delivers a relatable message during the catchy hook: "We're just trying to find some color/In this black and white world/If you can let it slide/Baby just for the night/Just know that everyone feels broken sometimes."