Taylor Swift, "Mine"

Track Review

If the rest of Taylor Swift's highly anticipated new album is as strong as its finely crafted lead single, then it's a sure bet that her career juggernaut will continue. Produced by Swift and Nathan Chapman, "Mine" possesses a vibrant energy that perfectly complements her impassioned vocals. As the artist matures personally and professionally, the song demonstrates that she's successfully making the transition from a teen ingénue writing about high school crushes to a young woman exploring the complexities of adult relationships. Swift is a master at creating memorable lines, and one of the standouts here is, "You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter." By no means is "Mine" so heavy that she'll lose any of her legion of young fans, yet there's lyrical substance wrapped in the buoyant melody that shows Swift has the goods to go the distance and continue to broaden her audience.