Guster, "Do You Love Me"

Track Review

Guster's first new material in more than three years begins unassumingly enough, with a simple, acoustic-driven intro peppered by hand claps and frontman Ryan Miller's vocal. As the song progresses, diffident drumming, clanging chimes and layered harmonies build before giving way to a soaring chorus that toes the line between endearing and creepy. "I want to wake you from your dream/I want to know just who you're talking to when you're singing in your sleep/I want to find out what it means," Miller croons before unleashing his trademark falsetto for the hook. The song's jangly, folk-pop sound calls to mind sun-kissed '60s rock (e.g., the Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You Believe in Magic"), while the Wall of Sound-like production accentuates the instruments' nuances, making "Do You Love Me" instantly memorable