Trey Songz, "Can’t Be Friends"


Trey Songz is best-known for his sexual antics. But on his latest single, the ladies man reveals a vulnerable side as he sings about heartbreak and despair. Above static finger snaps, a solemn piano and dizzying violins, Songz croons about his girlfriend cruelly dumping him and his inability to be just friends with her because of it. In hindsight, he regrets being involved with her and wishes he "never fell so deep in love." In the second verse, Songz becomes a bit more sensible, questioning whether the relationship's demise was partially due to moving too fast and wondering if things could have been different. Regardless, he realizes that what's happened can't be changed, before breaking into his remorseful chants once again. But since time heals all wounds, Songz will no doubt be off sexing the next girl in no time.