Year in Music 2017

Lloyd, "Lay It Down"


Lloyd has never been bashful about his self-proclaimed sexual prowess (his most recent album is titled "Lessons in Love"), and his latest single, "Lay It Down," is no different. "Tonight girl Imma show you how much I love you, let the party begin/Imma do something I never did to you girl, Imma turn you out, I'll show you I know you girl," he boasts on the Polow Da Don production. After requesting that she "wrap her hair up," insinuating there will be lots of sweating taking place, he asks his lady to lay her head on his pillow so he can "lay it down" and "work it good." The only difference here is that Lloyd's falsetto is much more high-pitched than usual-so much so, it's almost hard to imagine him seducing anyone. Just take his word for it.