Daniel Cros, "Las Vueltas Que de la Vida"

Album Review

Sufficiently seduced by Cuban music to study percussion in Havana, Daniel Cros, a veteran of Barcelona's rock scene, came home to form a band that includes Cuban musicians and record his latest album, "Las Vueltas Que da la Vida" ("The Turns That Life Takes"). If, on the opening cha cha cha, Cros' Catalan-accented Spanish is a dry accompaniment to the cocktail rhythm, he finds a better pairing on the next song, "De Par en Par," a more languid piano-backed bolero. The band keeps it tight as it runs through son, salsa and guaguanco, but Cros' vocals don't quite match the expectations those upbeat arrangements create. It's on the song "Tan Lejos, Tan Cerca"-and other simply delivered ballads on the album-that Cros best showcases his cosmopolitan talent for strong emotive songwriting.