Black Label Society, "Order of the Black"

Album Review
<p>With the dust having settled around Zakk Wylde's unexpected departure from <a href="/artist/ozzy-osbourne/5355">Ozzy Osbourne</a>'s band, better attention can be paid to "Order of the Black," the new album from Wylde's <a href="/artist/black-label-society/428400">Black Label Society</a>. The change in work status-plus a health battle with blood clots and quitting drinking-might have toppled other mortals, but this is a Revolver Golden God we're talking about. Although he acknowledges having "Darkest Days," where "just one moment of peace" he longs to know, Wylde's BLS machine sounds like it's had a massive tune-up. The group is ready to burn up a few more thousand miles of road on "Black Sunday," the groove-laden "Southern Dissolution" and the squealing "Parade of the Dead." Like Osbourne's song "Time" (from his latest set, "Scream"), Wylde also gives a nod to mortality on "Time Waits for No One," evidence that the mind meld between the two will never truly disappear.</p>