Keri Hilson, "Breaking Point" song review, Melanie Fiona,

Track Review

On new single "Breaking Point," from her upcoming sophomore album, "No Boys Allowed," Keri Hilson sings of being mistreated and unappreciated by men, offering a release for female fans who are in similar situations but can't speak up for themselves. Accompanied by a doo-wop-tinged beat enhanced by a looping piano, finger snaps and sporadic "oohs," the Atlanta-raised singer/ songwriter vents, "Some women can be lied to, cheated on and beat on." Just before things get worse, though, Hilson has a revelation. "See, I done did that," she sings. "But this time, there's a limit to my love." In essence, "Breaking Point"-reminiscent of Melanie Fiona's "Do It to Me Right" and Beyoncé's "Why Don't You Love Me"-is an empowering wake-up call encouraging women to stop putting up with the abuse.