Lyfe Jennings, "I Still Believe"

Album Review

Two years ago, R&B singer Lyfe Jennings was arrested following a disturbance that took place while he looking for his child's mother, who was allegedly visiting another man. Speaking from that experience, Jennings schools listeners on relationship woes on his new album, "I Still Believe." Over a lullaby-like piano melody on the song "Statistics," the artist breaks down the percentage of all unfaithful men and offers advice on what to do to keep an honest one (if you happen to land one of the 10% in existence). And during the track "Love," Jennings tells a competing suitor to be more affectionate toward his woman if he doesn't want to lose her. The set finds the singer not only dropping knowledge on matters of the heart but also revealing a more vulnerable side. Atop a dial tone on the song "Busy," Jennings desperately tries to contact his lady; he professes his love to his partner on "Whatever She Wants"; and he encourages others to learn from his mistakes on the appropriately titled "Learn From This." From the sound of it, Jennings has.