Latin Grammys 2018

30 Seconds to Mars, "Closer to the Edge"

Track Review

Fresh off an MTV Video Music Award victory for best rock video ("Kings and Queens"), 30 Seconds to Mars offers another gorgeous slab of space rock that works for both sold-out arenas and prime-time TV dramas. Like previous singles "Kings and Queens" and "This Is War," "Closer to the Edge" relies on the band's soft-loud dynamic, juxtaposing the subdued verses with a bursting, ethereal chorus. Frontman Jared Leto might not have the most distinctive voice in rock, but he has a knack for penning empowering anthems. When he lets loose with lines like, "This never-ending story, paid for with pride and fate/We all fall short of glory, lost in our fate," the results are pretty uplifting. As the bubbling synths and powerful drumming of the verses lead into Leto's high-arching vocal strains, "Closer to the Edge" becomes undeniably memorable.