Michael Bublé, "Hollywood"

The bulk of Michael Bublé's catalog is made up of covers, with his voice and style evoking big band and Great American Songbook classics. However, most of the singer's chart success has come from his original music, and "Hollywood," the first single off "Crazy Love Hollywood Edition," has a good chance of continuing that streak. With its swinging beat and hand claps, the track sticks to Bublé's vintage style and unmistakably belongs to the adult contemporary audience. Yet the song stays current through its lyrics, which name-check Oprah Winfrey and indict a very of-the-moment trend-lust for fame at all costs-concluding that it's better to "find it in yourself" because "Hollywood is dead." "Hollywood" is catchy fun, but more important, the single shows the versatility and sense of humor that could ultimately help broaden Bublé's appeal.

- Album Review