Seal, "Commitment"

Album Review

With roots in Britain's house music/rave scene, Seal has also migrated into pop and dance during his career. Then in 2008, the singer/songwriter detoured into R&B on the uneven album "Soul," turning his husky baritone loose on such classics as "A Change Is Gonna Come." Reuniting with "Soul" producer David Foster, Seal delivers a more engaging and satisfying addition to his repertoire with "Seal 6: Commitment." The title says it all as Seal mines the various forms of commitment-to love, family and self-on original songs that are both melodic and eloquent. Opener "If I'm Any Closer" is an uplifting, Sting-reminiscent anthem that brings the album to life, as does the soaring "Weight of My Mistakes." Still a romantic at heart, the man behind "Kiss From a Rose" rekindles that heat-seeking emotion on the lushly stringed "Secret" and the tender yet emphatic "You Get Me." Taking subtle command over rich orchestrations that might overshadow another singer, Seal deftly showcases his still-formidable skills as a writer and vocalist.