Soulja Boy, "Blowing Me Kisses"

Track Review

Soulja Boy boasted about his success with the ladies on the brash "Pretty Boy Swag" single, but on his latest track, the rapper reveals a more vulnerable side while crooning for one special girl. "She like me, I like her, who knew I woulda wife'd her/Who woulda thought that she woulda been like, the other half of me," Soulja Boy confesses over violins and drums on "Blowing Me Kisses." While the song keeps a romantic tone, Soulja Boy throws in some bragging for good measure. He remarks on the many comforts he can give his lady, including trips around the world and pearls, as well as his supreme sexual prowess and entertaining skills. As another taste from upcoming album "The DeAndre Way," "Blowing Me Kisses" proves that Soulja Boy is a jack-of-all-trades.