JRandall, "Spirit of the Radio"

Track Review

For his debut single, triple-threat artist JRandall has released a track that establishes him as an up-and-coming club presence. "Spirit of the Radio," which appeared on the soundtrack to "Step Up 3D," fits in with the uptempo disc due to the synth hook, danceable beat and a melody that recalls Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting for Tonight." With lines like "I need a melody to move my feet, call the DJ and play it back for me," the singer/ dancer/actor emphasizes the theme of losing one's self to an unfamiliar sound on the radio. While he mostly keeps his vocals in check, he finally shows off his singing skills at the song's climax and hits an impressive high note. With "Spirit of the Radio," JRandall holds his own on a soundtrack that features dance-pop veterans like Flo Rida and T-Pain.