Jesse McCartney, "Shake"

Track Review
<p>The singles from <a href="">Jesse McCartney</a>'s 2008 disc "Departure," including "Leavin' " and "How Do You Sleep?," showcased the pop singer's natural understanding of uncluttered beats and charismatic vocal hooks. "Shake," the first offering from McCartney's still-untitled fourth full-length, is more overstated in its musical approach but hits a comfortable groove during the chorus. McCartney compares a girl craving his love to a soft addiction, singing, "Shorty hittin' me up, says she wants to re-up/Knows I got the best in town." McCartney's vocals don't have room to soar next to Ammo's high-powered beat, but his fluttering voice nicely matches up with the mix of bumping percussion and punchy synth during the hook. "Shake" lacks the magnetic sound of "Leavin'," but the track is a reminder that McCartney's talent shouldn't be overlooked in the pop music landscape.</p>