Fantasia, "I'm Doin' Me"


"I'm Doin' Me" takes on new meaning following Fantasia's well-publicized romantic travails during the summer, but the singer's heartfelt delivery on the second single from third album "Back to Me" resonates regardless of context. The song opens with the sound of birds chirping and Fantasia's spoken-word declaration that "sometimes, you have to put yourself first." "I'm Doin' Me" then segues into a gospel piano riff that's accentuated by an insistent drumbeat and hand claps. The song's instrumentation underscores its message about a renewed commitment to self, with Fantasia's understated vocals fleshing out the sparse track. On "I'm Doin' Me," the singer exudes fierce determination without going over the top, as she tells her antagonist, "I won't let your drama hold me down."