Faith Evans, "Something About Faith"

Album Review

In the '90s, Faith Evans was on the verge of becoming one of the dominating R&B powerhouses of her generation. But other than a recent DUI arrest, the Notorious B.I.G.'s widow has been removed from the public eye for the past five years. Now, Evans reintroduces herself with her sixth studio release, "Something About Faith," an album that focuses on love, lust and life. On the title track the singer's searching for, well, a little faith to take things to the next stage with a suitor. The song "Gone Already" finds her walking away from an unhealthy relationship, while "Can't Stay Away" (featuring Keyshia Cole) centers on not being able to leave an addicting lover. But "Something About Faith" doesn't only focus on matters of the heart. Snoop Dogg joins Evans on "Way You Move," a playful song about the initial attraction between two people on the dancefloor, and the Redman-assisted, club-ready track "Party" finds her hitting the after-work soiree.