Marco Antonio Solís, "En Total Plenitud"


Marco Antonio Solís didn't title his new album, "En Total Plenitud" ("Fully Realized"), after a track, but after a sentiment. Although the 12-song set primarily comprises romantic ballads, most of them potential singles, they radiate positive vibes even at their most heartbroken. Solís is a master at crafting three-and-a-half minute gems that are irresistible even when they're saccharine sweet. "En Total Plenitud" also manages to push forward when it stays rooted in vintage Solís style. The signature string-laden arrangements (now rare in contemporary pop) remain, but with a lighter feel than on past albums. The current single "Tu Me Vuelves Loco," for example, is an accordion-laden uptempo cumbia, while "De Regreso a Casa" is set to a South American folk rhythm. But the best of Solís is his ballads, notably "Cuántos Días Sin Tí," which starts with a Mexican-leaning trumpet intro and then gives way to Solís singing over acoustic guitar, and the infinitely melancholy "Te Me Olvidaste." Although very orchestrated, "En Total Plenitud" isn't over-produced, allowing the voice room to be particularly compelling. There's little romance left in Latin radio today, but if anyone can revive the sentiment, it's Solís.