Duck Sauce, "Barbra Streisand"

Track Review
<p>On the strength of a hummable tune, star-studded music video and titular shout-out to a singing legend, Duck Sauce has stumbled upon a buzzworthy dance track with "Barbra Streisand." The most surprising thing about this collaboration between DJ/ producers <a href="">Armand Van Helden</a> and <a href="">A-Trak</a> is its richness in sound in between the beat-stopping utterances of Streisand's name. Guitar licks collide with heavy doses of synthesizers as a fist-pumping beat refuses to let up. The busy instrumentation is brilliantly paired with overly simple vocals: An upbeat chorus of "oohs" instantly lodges inside the listener's brain, and "Barbra Streisand" morphs into an inexplicable command to start dancing. Van Helden and A-Trak are proven production aces, and even if their Duck Sauce project is a one-off, the collaboration has yielded one of the weirdest, most intoxicating dance anthems in recent memory.</p>