Pitbull, "Bon Bon"

Track Review

Pitbull doesn't call himself Mr. Worldwide for nothing, as he proves by tackling a bevy of global influences on new single "Bon, Bon." The rapper uses Bollywood as the primary inspiration on the track from new album "Armando," which begins with a man singing in an Indian dialect over a marching band sousaphone, snares and bass drums. While the beat is an international patchwork, Pitbull's lyrical appreciation of women can be universally understood. "Yo quiero estar contigo . . . trae a tu amiguita ("I want to be with you . . . bring one of your friends)," Pitbull rhymes on the chorus. Like most of the rapper's singles, "Bon, Bon" thrives because of its high energy and Pitbull's command of different styles. No matter where it's played, "Bon, Bon" has the right mix of components to start any party.