Rihanna feat. Drake, "What's My Name"

Rihanna topped the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this year when she teamed with Eminem for "Love the Way You Lie," and the pop singer has done it again with her latest collaboration, the Drake-assisted "What's My Name." With the help of production duo Stargate, Rihanna continues to move away from the stark material of 2009 album "Rated R" and toward more dance-focused music with the second single from her fifth album, "Loud." The track draws upon the warm island pop of her earlier material by lacing a heavy reggae beat with synthesized organs. While Drake's slow-style verse adds a layer of sensuality, Rihanna's lush vocal turn denotes a startling leap in maturity from previous singles. "So I surrender, to every word you whisper/Every door you enter, I will let you in," she sings. As much as "What's My Name" is a joint effort, Rihanna owns the song by delivering a more polished version of her pop persona.

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