T.I. Featuring Chris Brown, "Get Back Up"

Track Review

As his ongoing legal troubles have forced him to release his next album from prison, T.I. offers a plea for public forgiveness on "Get Back Up," the first single from forthcoming set "No Mercy." The rapper adopts a disarmingly earnest tone for the song, which uses a mellow beat and rhythmic hook provided by another artist formerly steeped in controversy, Chris Brown. Unfortunately, the usually agile wordsmith flows awkwardly on the track, with his lines often sounding like talking points scripted by a publicist. "I admit it/Yeah, I done some dumb shit/Disappointed everybody, I know/ Try not to hold that against me, though," T.I. raps. Instead of previewing his new album by dwelling on his problems, T.I. should have used "Get Back Up" to move past his mistakes.