Sylvia Tosun, "Above All"

Track Review
<p>There aren't many Juilliard-trained sopranos releasing dance records, and <a href="">Sylvia Tosun</a>'s "Above All" is all the more listenable because of that uniqueness. The songwriter and former <a href=""> Trans-Siberian Orchestra</a> vocalist specializes in traditionally arranged cuts that recall the song structure of literate dance diva <a href="">Kristine W</a>, and her latest single makes the most of that strict format. "Above All" adopts a breezy trance-pop sound with staccato synth chords and the ticking of a clock in the background. The musical tidbits are enhanced by Tosun's breathy delivery of lines like, "The love we chased along a spiral staircase/Will lead us to the choice we're meant to face." With a single as strong as "Above All," Tosun can be filed alongside other electro-ethereal pop purveyors who know how to write a proper tune.</p>