Jeremih featuring 50 cent, "Down on Me"


Although Jeremih can work in many styles, the R&B singer/ songwriter's affinity for women has been a constant presence in his singles. Following the breakout success of bedroom track "Birthday Sex," uptempo club banger "Down on Me" is his latest single to crack the Billboard Hot 100 and keep the ladies in mind. The thumping song stays heavy on synthesizer as Jeremih spots his lady interest on the dancefloor during the chorus. Meanwhile, 50 Cent eggs on the singer during his guest appearance by commenting on how his girl can "bounce it fast and shake it slow." As much as "Down on Me" plainly promotes grinding to the beat, Jeremih smartly attempts to know his dancing muse on a personal level. "Say you independent, get it from your mama/Tell me if you with it, do you really wanna?" he asks.