The 2019 Grammys

TV On The Radio, "Will Do"


On its third and finest studio album, 2008's "Dear Science," TV on the Radio released a fractured version of James Brown soul by amping up the booty-shaking grooves and dialing down the noise. On "Will Do," the lead track from its latest full-length, "Nine Types of Light," the Brooklyn band tries on an even newer wardrobe: insular, space-age balladry. A lonely glockenspiel wanders across the jittery programming, while electric guitar noise sprays across the stereo spectrum. And Tunde Adebimpe, one of music's most arresting singers, is in a lovesick, thoughtful mood: "What choice of words will take me back to you?" he emotes, slightly off-key, amid the colorful swirl. If "Dear Science" was TVOTR's funky one-night stand, "Will Do" is the moody morning after.