Colbie Caillat, "All of You"

As the title of a song on new album "All of You" suggests, Colbie Caillat isn't afraid to sing about a world where we "Think Good Thoughts"-most of which are about her falling in love. That's certainly the focus of the Southern California singer/songwriter's third release and follow-up to 2009's successful "Breakthrough." But on "All of You" she does so with a little more wisdom, balance and musical maturity. Sure, there are still pie-eyed moments ("We go together like peanuts and paydays, Marley and reggae") as Caillat keeps one foot in contemporary Disney Channel and another in vintage Laurel Canyon. Nevertheless, it's hard to not appreciate the smooth craft of the "Letters to Juliet" film contribution "What If," "Dream Life" and the title track-and the dynamic sophistication of "Brighter Than the Sun" and "Favorite Song," her collaborations with Ryan Tedder and Common, respectively. She also allows for some ambivalence in such tracks as "Shadow" and "Before I Let You Go." But rest assured that in the end, Caillat manages to get her man.

- Album Review