Il Volo, "Il Volo"

The operatic pop world has had all kinds of groups-Il Divo, Amici Forever -but has yet to welcome a boy band to its ranks. Say hello, then, to Il Volo, three teenage tenors from Italy who nevertheless sing with the booming authority of those twice their age. The trio's self-titled debut is polished-to a fault, in fact-and loaded with enough firepower to ensure hit potential, including hitmaking producers (Humberto Gatica, Tony Renis), songwriters (Diane Warren, Walter Afanasieff, Josh Groban) and arrangers (Paul Buckmaster, David Campbell). Most of the album's 12 tracks are delivered in Italian-nicely, but it makes the set a touch less accessible. However, the vocal interplay among the three is convincing and the troupe shows its chops best on "E Piu Ti Penso," a medley of Ennio Morricone movie themes. Other highlights include "This Time" and Warren's keening "Painfully Beautiful."

- Album Review