Limp Bizkit, "Gold Cobra"

Given the waning fortunes of nü-metal and rap-rock, as well as the group's internal dramas, it's easy to forget that people-a lot of them, actually-were once fans of Limp Bizkit. Gold Cobra, the quintet's newest album in five years and first by the original lineup (with guitarist Wes Borland back onboard) since 2000, reminds us why. The set is loaded with the same kind of beefy grooves, massive guitar riffs and the cocky swagger that made Significant Other a massive success in 1999. Frontman Fred Durst may contend that "I've had enough drama/I don't need a chump." But his hate of Limp Bizkit's haters unquestionably helps power Gold Cobra through fierce, forceful songs like "Bring It Back," "Shark Attack," "Douche Bag," "Get a Life" and the title track. Durst still has a taste for the nookie (see "Shotgun" and "90.2.10"), but mostly Gold Cobra reminds us of how much fun a tight, no-holds-barred rap-metal record can be in the right hands.

- Album Review