Track Review: Demi Lovato, "Skyscraper"


Demi Lovato's new single arrives months after the Disney star entered a treatment center for "physical and emotional issues." Thankfully, the singer has re-emerged with a mental toughness that shines through on "Skyscraper," a somber yet gorgeous ballad produced and co-penned by Toby Gad. Lovato's voice quivers as she sings about "catching teardrops in my hand," a lonely piano pounding away behind her. The song's titular simile, in which Lovato declares that her resilience allows her to stand tall "like a skyscraper," is admittedly clunky, but the singer does a dazzling job of selling the comparison. With breathy backing vocals and heavy percussion supporting Lovato in the second half of the track, the singer drives the song home with previously unseen singing power. "Skyscraper" is not just a welcome return for Lovato?it's a new beginning.