Track Review: Foster The People, 'Helena Beat'


Helena Beat (4:35)
Producer: Greg Kurstin
Writer: Mark Foster
Publisher: Smims Coffee and Tea Music Publishing (BMI)

With indie crossovers MGMT shying away from the dance floor on their recent material, up-and-coming Los Angeles rockers Foster the People continue to pick up the slack with "Helena Beat," the second single off their debut, "Torches." Like the surprise hit "Pumped Up Kicks," "Helena" pairs some moderately disturbing lyrics ("I tie my hands up to the chair so I don't fall that way") with a lighthearted beat, half-daring the listener to rethink what they're dancing to. Frontman Mark Foster and company could probably stand to back off the studio tricks a bit -- the high-pitched falsetto vocals of the "Kicks" chorus run the entire song here. And alhough "Helena Beat" lacks the earworm quality of its predecessor, the song finds its own identity as a more fleshed-out synth-rock track.

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