Track Review: Kate Bush, 'Wild Man'


Wild Man (7:16)
Producers: Kate Bush
Writers: Kate Bush
Publishers: Noble & Bright LTD.
ANTI Records/Fish People

The weird and whimsical "Wild Man" serves as the first new single from British art-rock craftswoman Kate Bush in a whopping six years (not including the re-tooled tracks from this year's "Director's Cut"). A word of advice to first-time listeners: be sure to have an atlas and thesaurus handy. "From the Sherpas of Annapurna to the Rinpoche of Qinghai / Shepherds from Mount Kailash to Himachal Pradesh," sings Bush in her breathy lisp, somehow sounding erotic while randomly referencing Indian provinces and Buddhist principles. For all of its impenetrable wordplay,"Wild Man" makes for a wicked headphone atmosphere, with Dan McIntosh's expressionistic digital guitar curlicues wandering around a crisp Steve Gadd kit and John Giblin bass. As an announcement of Bush's return, "Wild Man" is a tad off-kilter. But then again, when has the ever-singular Bush been anything but?

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