Track Review: Chairlift, 'Sidewalk Safari'


"Sidewalk Safari" (3:50)
Producers: Dan Carey
Writers: Chairlift
Publishers: Avant-Garcon/Patrick Wimberly (SESAC)
Columbia Records

This adorable Brooklyn electro-pop duo scored big back in 2008 with "Bruises," a twinkling, tear-streaked anthem that famously perked up a colorful iPod television ad. "TV commercial soundtrack stars" is a weird position to be in, particularly for an indie outfit that probably never foresaw a smash single. Unlike folk chameleon Leslie Feist -- who chose to follow her Apple time capsule moment (the stunning "1234") with the insular, un-catchy album "Metals" -- Chairlift have offered another slice of infectious synth sunshine for their welcome-back party, but "Sidewalk Safari" is weirder and a tad rougher around the edges than "Bruises." It's also way better-check out Patrick Wimberly's undulating vintage keys, the snaking collage of exotic beats, and Caroline Polacheck's wicked vocal performance, which alternates between Top 40 sparkle and prog rock. Even the outro sounds like the disintegrating soundtrack to a '70s B-movie.

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