Track Review: Chevelle, 'Face To the Floor'

<p> <strong>CHEVELLE <br /> "Face To the Floor" (3:42) <br /> Producer: Evil Joe Barresi, Chevelle <br /> Writer: Pete Loeffler <br /> Publisher: Sushi Grade Music (BMI) <br /> Epic</strong> <br /> <br /> The boys in Chevelle are rarely presented as anything other than angst-ridden and angry, but with "Face To The Floor," the first single from their forthcoming sixth album, "Hats Off to the Bull," the listener get a little more insight into what is getting these dudes so hot. Over a chugging, post-grunge guitar riff, singer Pete Loeffler proclaims, "To pick up the tip doesn't mean a lot/Fiddle inside your drawers/If we own the night then spread it out/Or pack up without a clue." A succinct survey of how most of the nation is smarting from hard economic times -- complete with a Bernie Madoff reference in the lyrics -- "Floor" delivers nearly four minutes of the cathartic alt-metal fans have come to expect from Chevelle. This time, though, the band wants to stir their minds, not just their tempers.</p><p> <object width="412" height="315"> <param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US" /> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /> <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="412" height="315" src=";hl=en_US" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" /></object></p><p style="text-align: center;"> <a href="/new-releases/songs"> <strong>Return To Reviews Main Page</strong></a> </p>