Track Review: Busta Rhymes feat. Chris Brown, 'Why Stop Now'


"Why Stop Now" (3:59)
Producer: Sham "Sak Pase" Joseph
Writers: Trevor Smith, Chris Brown
Publishers: various
Cash Money Records

At the top of 2011, Busta Rhymes returned to the top of the charts with a rapid-fire guest verse on Chris Brown's smash "Look At Me Now." The veteran MC is looking to cement that comeback with a new deal with Cash Money Records, as well as with another virtuoso performance alongside Brown to bookend the year. "Why Stop Now" is purely Busta's show, however: Rhymes eviscerates the slow-booming beat courtesy of Sak Pase ( Rihanna's "Man Down," The Throne's "Who Gon Stop Me"), rhyming so effortlessly that he finds time to stop himself and boast mid-verse. "I wanna see ya'll do that on YouTube", he says before going right back in. The real beauty of "Why Stop Now" is in its simplicity -- the space that the beat has to breathe allows Rhymes to show that, after two decades, his delivery has only gotten better.

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