Track Review: Little Boots, 'Shake'

Daniel Sannwald

Little Boots

"Shake" (6:20)
Producer: Ellis James
Writers: Victoria Hesketh, Ellis James
Publishers: Copyright Control/Warner Music UK Ltd, administered by Warner Chappell Music
Elektra Records/679 Recordings

"There's only one thing you should really know," chirps UK electronic upstart Victoria Hesketh (better known as Little Boots) midway through her slick, hypnotic new single, "I tell you, this place is about to blow." But it's far too late. "Shake" detonates only moments into its six-plus minutes, stuffed to the max with a heavy beat and liquid synth-bass that smacks you straight against the night club subwoofers. Repetitive and far from innovative, "Shake" occasionally threatens to lapse into generic, "A Night at the Roxbury"-esque territory, but the longer the track drones on, the more likely the listener will fall slave to its sheer determination. It's unclear why Little Boots wants you to "shake until your heart breaks," but with those neon synths drilling their way into the listener's skull, logic is hardly a concern.

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