Shinedown: 2012 Album Preview

Title: TBA | Release Date: Spring

"It wouldn't be Shinedown if we didn't make it bigger," says Brent Smith, frontman of the Florida hard rock band Shinedown ( @shinedown). Almost four years after the band's most successful effort, "The Sound of Madness" (No. 8 on the Billboard 200, top 10 Hot 100 hit "Second Chance"), the act is readying the release of its fourth studio set. With synths, a 27-piece orchestra and a 10-piece horn section added to the group's emotional guitar rock, Smith hopes the new project, recorded with "Madness" producer Rob Cavallo, will "make the hair stand up on your arms and keep you on the edge of your seats." Shinedown released first single "Bully" online on Jan. 3.

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