Track Review: Train, 'Drive By'


Track Review: Train, 'Drive By'

"Drive By" (3:16)
Producers: Espionage and Butch Waler
Writers: Pat Monahan, Espen Lind and Amund Bjorkland
Publishers: Ptimon Music/EMI April Music, Inc. (ASCAP), Stellar Songs Ltd., EMI Music Publishing Ltd.

If at first you succeed -- why not try again? For the first single from its forthcoming "California 37," Train returns to the Espionage, the Norwegian songwriting and production duo of Espen Lind and Amund Bjorklund that helped the group put together its 2010 comeback smash "Hey Soul Sister." "Drive By" starts with a staccato guitar strum and a percussive thump that certainly recalls its predecessor, with a slight ethnic flavor that makes it recall a Bar Mitzvah reception. Frontman Pat Monahan semi-speaks the choruses in tuneful, rap-like cadence, then turns to smooth pop singing for the choruses. The lyric, however, is a bit darker, with Monahan's protagonist trying to convince a one-night-stand that he really wants to "get down to the more-than-friends" at last. We bet she's heard that from all the pop singers, but Monahan pleads with enough joyful exuberance that she -- and we -- might just buy it.

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