Track Review: Eric Hutchinson, 'Watching You Watch Him'


"Watching You Watch Him" (3:31)
Producer: Mike Elizondo
Writer: E. Hutchinson
Publisher: Moody's Store for Men Music (ASCAP)
Warner Bros.

It's pretty much impossible to get through singer/songwriter Eric Hutchinson's new single, "Watching You Watch Him," without some sort of toe-tapping or head-bobbing action. The sunny, acoustic cut grooves under the direction of steady hand claps and beachside bongos. But like all great pop, there's tension here, with Hutchinson spouting lovelorn lyrics like "But I'm a window pane/A phantom limb/When I am watching you watch him." However, Hutchinson's earworm melodies and intricate instrumentation set "Watching You Watch Him" apart: The xylophone and fuzzed-out bass give the track just the right amount of texture and spot-on pacing. Granted, the song's overall sentiment toes the line of "Every Breath You Take"-like creepiness-but loving from afar will always deserve a soundtrack, and "Watching You Watch Him" is a fine addition.

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