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Album Review: Scars on 45, 'Scars on 45'


"Scars on 45"
Producer: Scars on 45
Chop Shop/Atlantic
Release Date: April 10

This mild-mannered English outfit first drew stateside notice when several of its songs were featured on "CSI: New York" and "Grey's Anatomy," and on its first full-length (following a pair of 2011 EPs), Scars on 45 sounds determined to maintain a home on TV. Strummy, harmony-glazed ditties like "Burn the House Down," "Warning Sign" and "The Way That We Are" feel custom-designed for emphasizing moments of emotional revelation, with ingratiating folk-pop melodies and lyrics about fighting in the pouring rain to hide one's tears. The band's catchiest cut remains "Heart on Fire," which also appeared on last year's "Grey's Anatomy" soundtrack; it's a welcome reminder of cuddly late-'90s/early-'00s hits by Scottish band Travis. But everything here-even the synth-speckled "Give Me Something"-hews closely to that tune's eager-to-please blueprint.

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