Jason Mraz, 'Love Is a Four Letter Word': Video Track-By-Track

Jason Mraz to Make History With Myanmar Performance

Jason Mraz to Make History With Myanmar Performance

The universal message that led to

6. "Everything Is Sound"

"'Everything Is Sound' is a song simply about the joy of singing and how in my experience in life, or my perspective in life, is about vibrating at a high frequency. If you look at the world through a microscope, you'll see that everything's vibrating and its that vibration that forms mass and I think that is at the core of everything that we do. This to me, while it's a big sing-a-long pop song, its actually quite a sacred song to me. Just about the joy of singing, making joyful noise."

7. "93 Million Miles"

"93 million miles from the sun is where we live. And 240,000 miles from the moon and that's our geographical location within our solar system. Yet no matter where you are, there you are. And no matter where you are in the planet, you can call that home. I wanted to create a song that acknowledged that home is where the heart is and that's up to you to decide."

8. "Frank D. Fixer"

"Frank D. Fixer is my grandfather, Frank Mraz, he called himself Frank D. Fixer and he had a sign over his workshop that said 'Frank D. Fixer.' It was used as kind of a geographical location or a historical landmark in our hometown. People would say, 'Well I live two miles past Frank D. Fixer' or 'Take a left at Frank D. Fixer' and he fixed farm equipment and appliances, and grew his own food or would fix farm equipment in exchange for food from that farmer. And I feel we're back in an age celebrating the do it yourself-er, where reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, repurpose, all those things are as important now as ever and it takes the skills to fix things that will keep us from over consuming to a point where our desires overshadows our needs. I wanted to tribute a man like Frank D. Fixer. By doing so I get to take on his qualities, his strengths become my own."

9. "Who's Thinking About You Now"

"''Who's Thinking About You Now' is a song that I wrote with Eric Hinojosa, who's a former member of my band. He's composed these brilliant compositions and this song existed as an instrumental for a decade. I got a hold of it and I asked him if I could write a story to it. In my opinion it's, well it's a baby-making jam, it's also a throwback the way I used to write when I first started writing where I wouldn't edit myself. I would just let the stream of consciousness occur, just let it flow. Not really striving to reach a chorus or not really following a formula and just let the story unfold naturally. And 'Who's Thinking About You Now' is that musically and thematically."

10. "In Your Hands"

"'In Your Hands' is perhaps my favorite song that I've written. It uses the least amount of words, but yet it paints the biggest pictures in my mind that I've been able to go to as far as where I like to go in romantics. How I see myself in the world with someone else."

11. "Be Honest" featuring Inara George

"I wrote 'Be Honest' when I was in Brazil after spending ten days down there with phenomenal artists such as Maria Gadu, Milton Nascimento. Watching the way Brazilian musicians approach an instrument, they do with voicings that are much different that we do here in the United States. After ten days down there, I noticed my own style transforming and wrote this song basically about what was going on in my relationship at the time which I felt had no importance whatsoever as long as we were honest with each other and that's basically it. And I had the pleasure of inviting Inara George to come and sing it with me who I think is fantastic."

12. "The World As I See It"

"'The World As I See It' is a remarkable place and its how I choose to see the world. I choose to see myself as part of the whole. That I'm no different than the smallest bird or the biggest mountain, that I'm made up of the same materials as those and this song title and the song itself was inspired by Albert Einstein's memoirs of the same name, 'The World As I See It.' He was a very compassionate man who loved this world unconditionally who opposed politics and policies and felt there was enough revealed through science that proved we are all connected and that we should all tread responsibly and respectfully while we're here."

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